Faire x Get in Vibe

11 October 2022

Faire x Get in Vibe

Faire x Get in Vibe

Faire x Get in Vibe

It is with great pleasure that Get in Vibe expands its goals and establishes a partnership with Faire, an online B2B platform whose mission is "to help entrepreneurs around the world pursue their dreams".

The truth is that buying our brand (and so many others!) on Faire brings a number of advantages and benefits to retailers, such as: receiving €100 off the first order with our brand, 1 year of free shipping on our products or flexible payment terms (up to 60 days)!

Interested in marketing the fantastic Get in Vibe products in your shop? Well, we recommend that you place an order through Faire by registering on this link: https://getinvibe.faire.com

For a strong and lasting partnership! We are counting on you!

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