4 essential pieces in any women's wardrobe

25 March 2022

4 essential pieces in any women's wardrobe

4 essential pieces in any women's wardrobe

Is every day a problem because you don't know what to wear? You have a lot of clothes but you can't select any garment? Get in Vibe has the

solution for you! We have gathered the 4 essential pieces in any woman's wardrobe to make your mornings more pleasant.

The proposed pieces are part of Get in Vibe's Essentials Collection and are transversal to ages, styles and biotypes.

1. Basic T-shirt

The starting point to create more relaxed and fitted looks, both for work and for a day out!

2. Short dress

A simple short dress, preferably in black, is a must for any woman's wardrobe.
You can pair it with a blazer and some stilettos for dinner with friends.

3. Midi Skirt

A type of skirt that can be worn at any time and in any season.

4. Straight Pants

The symbol of female emancipation and adjusted to any context and situation.

Discover the entire collection of essentials from Get in Vibe HERE.

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