5 things to know about Get in Vibe

07 March 2022

5 things to know about Get in Vibe

5 things to know about Get in Vibe

1. Get products are not expensive, they are quality!

Purchasing an article from Get is a long-term investment. The quality of the raw materials used in the production is reflected in the touch, comfort and durability of the products. From generation to generation, fashion is cyclical but Get lasts!

2. Get in Vibe is Eco-Friendly!

Get in Vibe is environmentally friendly. In our collections, we use organic raw materials such as Organic Cotton, Tencel Lyocel, HimalayanNettle, Recycled Cotton and Recycled Polyester. We contribute to a greener planet!

3. Get in Vibe is made by women for all women!

The brand was founded by 2 entrepreneurs (mother and daughter respectively). The objective is clear: to offer the best clothing and accessories to all women, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation or age group.


4. Get in Vibe's roots are steeped in tradition!

The brand appears within a historic Portuguese textile company: Givec. The 20 years of experience in the textile sector and all the know-how acquired in the production and commercialization processes guarantee the satisfaction of Get customers.


5. Get in Vibe wants to be your voice!

Get in Vibe has a responsibility to give voice to causes related to the female universe. If you see yourself in our mission, contact us. We want to hear and tell your story!

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